Thrift stores, dining alone, grocery shopping, and tag in zebra boots

by kristinwood

My title says it all. Lol! I had the best day ever! It’s been so long since I’ve had a simply perfect day such as today. First off I got the kids off to school and got ready in peace and quiet while I jammed to some Lea Michele. Then I headed to Kirksville to get my allergy shots. (I get 2 shots every 2 weeks) After my shots I went to the jewelry store to have my ring sized. I haven’t worn my wedding ring in at least 3 months because it was too big. I used to wear a 9.5 and they are sizing it to an 8! That’s a half size smaller than it was when Tim proposed over 10 years ago! That’s a pretty exciting nonscale victory!

After that, I decided to hit every thrift store in Kirksville. Sadly only one was open before 10 so I had to hang out until the others opened. Here’s just a few of my steals.



I didn’t buy the doll bed but thought it was adorable and such a crafty idea. I did but that cute little plaid crop top and my head was buzzing with the cutest ideas for summery photo shoots for the kids! I’m so excited for warm weather and green grass!

I also carried in 6 things into the fitting room at one of my favorite thrift stores and actually had to put 3 things back because they were too big. Want to hear the best part? The things I put back were a size below my old size even! So I got a pair of jeans, a short sleeved shirt, and a long sleeved shirt for myself for under $15! It was awesome.

When I got to the car and was texting my best friend it hit me like a ton of bricks. That is the first time I’ve ever tried on clothes in that fitting room that didn’t end in tears! THAT is why I do it. Those moments right there are what remind me that I’m worth it and I deserve happy moments trying on clothes.

I found some other cute things for the kids and a scarf and new purse for me for $2. I had been looking for a different one for quite a while. Then I went to the bank and headed to lunch. I did something I never do…I dined alone in a restaurant. I even took a selfie to post for #transparenttuesday. It was crazy and exhilarating at the same time. You know what was different? I had I confidence! Before losing weight I would’ve been so self conscious to sit alone in that big booth but today I didn’t worry a about any of that. I was there to eat. I wasn’t there to let other people bother me or fret over my body. It was a really pleasant experience. I will have to try it again!

After that I went to Aldi’s and Walmart. Here’s my selfie and my before and after shots of my groceries.


I was pretty pleased with my OCD car packing skills and my ability to stretch my budget perfectly. All in all, a great shopping trip.

This afternoon Tim and I cleaned up a tree and a bunch of sticks in our yard. It felt good to be outside with him doing something productive. We had a big fire and then cooked marshmallows on it after dinner with the kids.

The perfect ending to my day was when we played tag in the rain. It was such a beautiful moment to giggle with my little family during the foggy sunset and feel the sprinkles in my hair and on my face. We ran and screamed and played until it was almost dark and decided to head in for baths and bedtime. I’m sure I’m sounding so redundant but it was a perfectly blissful day. These are the moments I’ve been working so hard for. Running and playing and giggling with my kids and husband…oh it was beautiful! Memories I will treasure and I’m sure my kids will tell their kids about their wild and fun mommy who chased them in the yard with zebra print rain boots and sang opera at while they were in the shower. These are life’s greatest blessings.