March was not my month

by kristinwood

I’m guessing March must’ve been a hard month for a lot of people. I follow several weight loss inspirations on Facebook and this morning I saw several posts about April being a fresh start and that March wasn’t their month. After taking a little time to reflect on March, I’ve decided that it really wasn’t my month either. I gained about 3 lbs and I have given in to too many poor eating choices (ahem…4 pieces of birthday cake was not my strongest moment)

April is a new month and I’m ready for some new goals. Here’s a few of my new goals.

1. Keep track of my calorie intake on the MyFitnessPal app again. I already logged my breakfast for today and plan to log my good every single day in April.

2. Two a day workouts every Monday-Friday in April. I’m going to continue my Advocare Can You 24 DVD every evening but I’m going to add daily running/jogging/walking to my workouts. No more weather excuses. I really hope to start the couch to 5k program next week and on the rest days I plan to walk. I will get more active!

3. No more excuses and lying to myself. Cake is bad! No more cake! Lol! I don’t have very many weaknesses anymore but cake and root beer are my vices here lately. I need to learn to regroup those emotional eating habits again. I think I will start journaling when I’m having trouble and want to start eating bad things. I used to get hung up on the idea of journaling and thought that I had to write deep dark stuff but honestly I can write about whatever I want…tigers fighting dusty unicorns, green grass and sheep frolicking, horny toads in Australia. Anything I want! That’s the joy of journaling, it doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to distract me and help me regroup my thoughts and bring out that inner strength.

These goals are so small but I think they’ll really help me get through this mud. I’ve been dragging my body along for too long! Today is the day to get back my mindset! I’m ready!