Go ahead…ignore that “No Trespassing” sign

by kristinwood

So I’ve been feeling guilty about not blogging. But I have been so busy lately being a rockin awesome person that I haven’t really had time to sit a ponder life’s mysteries. Ok ok so really I’ve been trying to keep up on the usual life stuff like laundry, cleaning, dishes and mommy stuff. That still seems funny to post because as I wrote that I kept seeing pictures flash in my mind of the counter covered in dirty dishes and the load of blankets sitting in the washer that needs to go out on the clothesline. I try, I really do, to keep up housework but lately it’s been gorgeous outside and I’m taking my grandmother’s advice about enjoying things with my kids while they’re little.

Thursday I helped them climb over a barbed wire fence and explore the land behind our house in search of deer sheds and creek bottoms. It was a beautiful day and so much fun! We walked so much that our dogs’ legs were tired. lol! Ruby and Candy went along for the adventure too. Albany told me that “Today is the awesomest day ever!” And of course that made my head swell and I completely forgot about those stinky dishes.

Then yesterday I took them to the park and they played for 2+ hours while I walked the walking path with some friends and enjoyed girly chitty chat. After that, we hit a thrift store and then went to a state park and walked some trails down by the river. They discovered so many pretty flowers and saw a gray squirrel. It was awesome too! I decided that that’s what living is really about. Teaching my son not to be afraid of a steep path and having the strength and bravery to attempt something frightening. It’s about teaching your daughter not to pick those gorgeous flowers because they’ll just die but instead to capture their beauty with a picture instead. It’s about holding their hand tight when they reach for yours and walking side by side on an adventure. It’s about spending time and paying attention to everything their little minds soak in.

It wasn’t two full days filled with rainbows and unicorns but I’m choosing to see it that way because for so so very long, I chose to live closed off and disconnected from my life. I was their mommy and I thought by being present in their life was enough but it really wasn’t. I need to be actively present. This new lifestyle of mine has made me really want to get my legs active and hop over that fence and see what’s on the other side, figuratively and otherwise.

This really isn’t the direction I intended for this post to go but it’s like any good thing, it took off on it’s own and my thoughts came pouring out. I’m over Galway to my goal weight. I’ve lost 56 lbs and I have 49 left to go.


I’ve seen what’s on the other side of the fence, I’ve experienced a little bit of it and it’s glorious, truly glorious. I’m a whole new person really. I have a new outlook and a new perspective now. I actually want to be better for my kids. I want to be better for my husband and my friends and most importantly…for me.

Take a hop over that fence and trespass a little on something you never thought you’d experience. Change your life for the better, whether it be by losing weight, reading that book you’ve wanted to finish, baking that cherished family apple pie recipe, or painting a mural…just do it. Just try it. You never know what kind of experience you would’ve missed if you hadn’t!