Just a few FAQs

by kristinwood

I have been getting a ton of questions lately and I have been having a hard time answering all of them and I start to feel super duper guilty and hope I dont forget anyone so I thought I would compile a list of some frequently asked questions and answer them here. If you have any, feel free to message me on Facebook or comment below. I love to help others and I would loooove to be your mentor and motivator if you want/need it. 🙂


1. How much weight have you lost and how much did you weigh at your heaviest? 

In February of 2013 I weighed my heaviest at 265 lbs. July 2013 I got serious about the weight and tackled it head on. Now I am down 56 lbs and weigh 209. (I weight in tomorrow morning and I’m hoping for a big loss so hopefully those numbers will change. 😉


2. How did you lose it?

Diet, exercise, prayer and encouragement. I didnt do any fad diets. I started out by setting goals then I figured out the best way to achieve them. I had a $50 garage sale elliptical and started doing it every night. I counted my calories on the My Fitness Pal app and I tried to eat more proteins, fruits and vegetables. I will eat carbs in moderation but I always pair them with a protein. If I have a half cup of mashed potatoes, I will have at least a half cup of meat or cottage cheese. I learned the food groups and watched my portions. I started looking at food as fuel for my body and a necessity instead of a pleasure. I pray daily and through nearly every workout. I try to make exercise my time with God and I make it a goal to pray for someone else while I’m working out. God usually puts people on my heart and I pray specifically for them. I received so much encouragement from my cousin Kim and I feel like I owe her a thousand thank yous. LOL! She’s been with me every step of this journey and I’m so glad to have a great partner in crime. HAHA!


3. Why did you want to lose weight?

I want to LIVE! I want to live my life to the very fullest and be happy. I can honestly say that at one point, I was at the bottom of the bottom and I didnt care whether I lived or died. I was desperate for something deeper in my life. I wasnt ready to acknowledge what I had become. I was depressed, sad, angry, selfish, and bitter all the time. I was tired of putting on my happy face and pretending I was all right when I was just screaming on the inside. I wanted a purpose. I wanted people to be proud of me. I wanted to achieve something. God had a big plan for me and still does. I work daily at this lifestyle change and I will tell you that it’s worth it. Besides my marriage and family, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to work for. It takes effort and drive and determination and grit and bravery. I’m proving to myself that I have every bit of that and then some and that’s pretty awesome to me.


4. What kinds of exercise do you do?

I started out doing the elliptical every day then I added running/walking/jogging. About 2 months ago I started using Advocare’s Can You 24 workout DVDs (which I LOOOOVE!) and I am still running/walking/jogging at least 3 days a week. I really try to just live an active lifestyle. I jump on the trampoline with my kids, play tag, cut wood with my husband, go for walks in the woods, fly kites…I incorporate activities into my life as often as possible.


5. Where did you buy your workout clothes and sports bras?


Lane Bryant is the absolute best place for bras and running pants. I love their control waist yoga capris. They have 2 levels of elastic around the waist and they do NOT fall down when I run. I hate to be fussing over clothes when I’m exercising! I just buy cheapie Danskin racerback tanks and jackets from Wal-Mart though. No need to spend a fortune on those. They’re breathable and easy to layer without a bunch of bulk. I wear Asics and Nike tennis shoes to run in. I say to definitely buy a pair that is comfortable and a little expensive. It’s so worth it! I always wear just a plain old head band and ponytail and my Lance Armstrong earbuds that a sweet client gave me as a gift. 


6. Where do you find time to exercise and eat right?

I’ll be honest, I’m spoiled to death right now. I am a stay at home mom, with no kids at home. They’re both in school so I have daytime to exercise and I usually try to squeeze a run in in the afternoon. I did the elliptical at night after I tucked them in and I do my workout DVDs now after they’re in bed. I am NOT a morning person so early morning workouts are a very rare occurance around here. I plan ahead before I go anywhere to eat. If I go to Kirksville for my allergy shots every other Tuesday, I plan ahead where I’m going to have lunch and what I’m going to eat. If I plan to eat a heavier meal, I will eat lighter for breakfast and dinner. I try really hard to balance out my day. I always take snacks with me if I’m going to be filling in at the Farm Bureau office in town. That way I wont be tempted to hit the grocery store and have a candy bar. I pack water with me everywhere I go and drink it often.


That’s all I can think of right now but if you have questions, let me know and I’ll get them answered. I will try to be more specific in another episode. 🙂 Have a great week!