by kristinwood

So I’m sitting here with KitKat on my breath and the urge to blog hits me. Mostly because I had a quiet moment while the kids play Super Mario next to me. I was trying to reflect on the highs and lows of my day. Here’s a little recap…

6:25 am-got up
6:45 am-both kids are dressed and sitting at the table eating breakfast
7:20 am-bus picks up kids and shower time for momma
8:00 am-hit the road for the assembly at school
8:30 am-character assembly. Albany got an academic award for getting 100% on EVERY spelling test this year! So stinking proud of her!
9:20-noon-hit some garage sales with my mom, ran errands around town, visited my bestie at work, grabbed lunch
12:00 pm-met some friends and their kids at the park to eat lunch and walk
12:20-1:20 walked at the park (woo for exercise and sunshine!)
1:20-3:10 garage saled and visited with a couple cousins
3:15 picked up kids from school and took them to Casey’s for a slushy. Unfortunately the Cookie Monster reached out and slapped me and I indulged in a cookie and root beer. Not my finest hour…
4:05 got home from town
4:30-5:30 did a quick photoshoot with the kids. So fun!
5:30 an awesome client stopped by to pick up a cd and had a good visit.
6:00 fixed the kids supper and had a banana.
7:00 jumped on the trampoline until dark. Another win! Albany told me on the trampoline tonight, “Mommy, you’re a lot funner to play with now that you lost a little weight.” Lol! She just tells it like it is. Wonder where she gets that character trait! 😉
8:15-now snuggled on the couch winding down from the day.

It’s been such a great day! I so wish we lived in a climate like this all the time. I truly feel like the weather plays a huge role in my attitude and moods. I don’t mind getting active outside when it’s not yucky out. I may have caved to a cookie and pop today, I also exercised and kept active. I even got some sun on my face! Not going to feel one bit bad about my day. Sayonara negative thoughts of guilt and gluttony over that cookie…hello life!!!!