Mind games

by kristinwood

I don’t usually play mind games with myself when it comes to exercise. I usually just make my mind up to do it and I do it. But today I’ve been spinning and spinning around the idea of running or doing my DVD or something. Tim had to go to training today and the kids are off to school so I’m all alone today. I have a dentist appointment at 1:00 (which I am dreading) and I need to get my allergy shots today so I need to leave in a couple hours. I think a run sounds fun and refreshing but it’s kinda chilly outside. Then I think “Kristin, just a few months ago you were running outside on a 40* day and thought it was a dang heat wave!” So then I think I’ll go run but yet I’m still sitting here thinking about the protein shake I just drank and how I hate that feeling of liquid sloshing in my belly when I run. I’m weighing tomorrow and I have a feeling it’s not gonna be a loss. I haven’t eaten the best the past weekend and I’ve consumed way too many sweets and chocolate. Mom pretty sure all the exercise in the world today isn’t going to produce a great loss reflected tomorrow.

People ask me what keeps me motivated to keep exercising. I’m honestly not sure but most of the time there’s a tiny voice in my head saying “you know that nice butt and curvy muscular legs you want? Well you’re not gonna get them without earning them so get up and DO something! “. That little inner voice pep talk usually does it for me. Lol!

So right now I’m going to put on my sports bra, socks, ankle brace, extra jacket and I’m going to go blow 400 calories out of the water! I’m gonna free my mind of the negative thoughts and let the wind bring tears to my eyes and I’m gonna keep earning that butt I want! Try the pep talk people, it works. 😉