I can wait 11 more days

by kristinwood

Today is day 20 since I gave up the scales this month. It’s killing me because I want to weigh so bad. I feel like I’ve done extremely well this month and I’m ready to see my results and if my hard work paid off.

So many people have asked my why I stopped weekly weigh ins. I guess I was getting really discouraged by the little ups and little downs. I was ready to see a big number lost. I was also eating like crap the days after I weighed and then Monday I’d be like “Ohmygosh! I have to weigh in two days!?! Salad, salad, SALAAAAAD!” I’m sure we’ve all been there. This picture kept popping up on my Instagram feeds lately and just had to share because this is exactly what I felt like on those days!


Last night I officially started my new Can You 24 workout. It’s an 8 week challenge and I have my calendar up on the wall and Bowdy gave me some Angry Bird stickers to put on it when I’ve completed my exercises. I’m really excited about this! Last nights exercise was probably the toughest I’d ever done to date. It had me dripping with sweat, my heart was pumping, my legs were burning, my biceps were poppin and my mind was totally focused and committed! That’s what I love about working out. You walk away feeling bear but you know you’ve won something.

A year ago when I considered trying to lose weight, I had no idea I’d enjoy working out this much. If someone had told me then that I would have to work out to lose weight and see results I would’ve said “No way. I don’t need to workout. I’m just gonna change my eating habits and I’ll be good. I’ve got this. Working out is for people who are crazy. That stuff’s hard!” Now I say that the hardest things I’ve ever done have been the most rewarding in the end. And exercise is no different. I want bigger and better things for myself now that I’ve seen my worth and what I’m capable of.

Just this weekend I’ve encountered a few people that have appeared to be jealous of my successes this far. At first I wanted to just shake them and tell them they could do it too if they just wanted it enough. Or if they just saw their potential. But I can’t make up people’s minds. I have decided that I must truly be a rare breed that faces adversity head on, takes the hit for a while, forms a logical plan and comes back with a fight people never knew I had. I’m a champion. I’m brave and I’m strong and I’m not honing to quit until I get where God wants me to be!