I can do a HIIT workout

by kristinwood

What is HIIT? You ask…high intensity interval training. It’s hard stuff. It’s giving it all you’ve got and then some, over and over again. It goes by fast and it’s empowering. Really it is. I did it tonight with my Advocare Can You 24 DVD and I have mixed feelings about it. I get frustrated because I’m not coordinated enough to get set up for the exercise in 6 seconds. I’m sure it’ll come with time but it frustrates me. Lol! I also feel like I’m not quite strong enough to do some of the exercises and my feet flop off the ball. That’s embarrassing. Good thing my cat and I are the only ones in the room while I work out. Ha! I also feel like I have to grunt my way through it. I’m sure I sound like an idiot but it gets the job done. Lol! I feel like it’ll get easier in time but until then, I’m going to be proud of myself for doing the best I can and completing the workout.

I wanted to get a few goals down on print so that they stick while I’m thinking about it.

1. I want to complete EVERY single workout in this series in the next 8 weeks. Not skip any!

2. I want to have lost 5 lbs in the month of May. So that means at my weigh in on May 31st I will have to weigh 203 or below.

3. I want to lose a total of 10 inches allover by the end of this 8 week workout.

4. Tomorrow I have to make cookies for a meeting on Saturday. I plan to only eat one cookie tomorrow and no cookie dough. (This might be the toughest goal yet!)

If I complete all these goals, I’m getting the little teensy tattoo on my wrist that I’ve been wanting. Totally achievable. I’m excited because I’ve been feeling really good about this past month. I’m sure there are always ways to improve my eating and sleep patterns but there’s always room for improvement in everything really. I know it’s late and I’m winding down so I’ll quit rambling. Good night all!