I can admit when I want milk and cookies

by kristinwood

I’m just going to get straight to the point. I WANT MILK AND COOKIES SO FLIPPING BAD RIGHT NOW!

It’s sad because it’s been months since I’ve caved to a craving this strong and I’m doing my very best to beat it tonight but the force is strong.

Here’s how it went tonight. I was at my parents for supper and I had made cookies and shared with my dad (aka Papa the Cookie Monster). I didn’t eat a single one while there because I wanted my little brother to be able to have some when he got home.

So the whole way home I just kept thinking about that blue and white Tupperware container full of cookies on the counter and how good they would taste with milk. And before I knew it , I was home the kids were tucked in and I was all alone. I sat outside to love on my fur babies and play some fetch with Ruby and I just kept thinking about those darn cookies (and my uncomfortable sports bra but that’s another topic altogether lol!). So I changed my clothes, grabbed my cup and headed for the kitchen. My mind went back and forth back and forth about those cookies and that milk. I even told myself that I could just drink a big glass of milk instead of the cookies. Then I decided that the milk was almost out of date and it wouldn’t taste as good by itself.

Then something happened. I fixed this…


And I drank every last drop of that big glass of ice water. I won tonight. The end. 🙂