10 months and 8 days

by kristinwood

It’s been 10 months and 8 days since I started winning this epic battle against myself. I have spent 10 months and 8 days improving and being better than I’ve ever been. I’ve spent the past 10 months and 8 days fighting demons, praying to God, reflecting, setting goals, achieving them, setting new goals, achieving them too, and winning!

I decided that this month I would give up the scales and weigh at the end of the month instead of weekly and it was a fantastic decision. I have lost 5.3 lbs this past month. I am incredibly proud of that number. I honestly had my doubts. I have been really sick this past week and actually questioned pneumonia or strep. I have overcome so many obstacles this week even while I was sick and I’m quite pleased with the results. I plan to restart my 8 week workout DVD on Monday and hit it hard again. My lungs have hurt so bad and I have been so dizzy the past week that I haven’t been working out like I should so Monday I’m starting fresh and I’m going to give it all I’ve got!

I was crunching some numbers today and I started out at 265 lbs. today I weighed 203. I started out wearing a size 22 jeans. Today I wear 16s. I started out with a bmi of 44.1. Today it’s 33.8. That’s a drop of 10.3!!!!

BMI is not usually a number I focus on much but for some reason, today when I weighed it jumped out at me. The most astonishing part was that the BMI number to be considered morbidly obese is 40. Now I’m only about 9 points away from being in a normal range. How awesome is that?!? I’m thrilled and I’m on the right path!

My one year anniversary of this weight loss is coming soon but I’ll be on vacation when it happens so I think I’ll post some celebratory pictures before I go. I’m hoping to have some professional ones done instead of standing in front of the mirror holdings phone in a dim hallway. Lol!

I’m getting there! I’ve come such a long way and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! I just had to take a moment and brag a little. 😉 good night all!