True grit…

by kristinwood


See that…that is today’s run. I don’t know why it has freaked me out for three days now. I’m afraid I can’t do it. It’s the seemingly hardest run to date. What if I can’t run it all? What if this allergy crud gets to my and all the phlegm keeps running and slows me down? What if I’m slower than a turtle? What if I have to walk a little?

All these questions keep flooding my mind. It’s crazy to think this way. I wish I could just shut my mind off and go in autopilot but I know this run is going to be mind over matter. My legs and feet are conditioned for this, my lungs are better than they’ve ever bed. My mind just needs convinced it can do it.

Either way, whether I run the solid 20 minutes or walk some of it, I’m still winning. Why? Because I have the strength to stand face to face with something hard and still say “I’m going to try.” I am already winning because I got up and drug my body out of that warm snugly bed and got dressed. I’m already winning because I packed my earphones, water and armband that carries my phone.

One of my favorite quotes keeps hitting me this morning.

What if I fall? Oh but dear, what if you fly?

I’m going to fly…