Random late night thoughts

by kristinwood

Last weekend my brother, Kylle, was home. I hadn’t seen him since last Christmas! It was a fun reunion with lots of laughs and laid back visiting. It was a good weekend and I already miss him. While he was home, my mom wanted some sibling pictures of us. I didn’t realize how much we had all changed!


The picture on the left was at Klayton’s high school graduation 2 years ago. I remember that day feeling so proud of him but so embarrassed because I didn’t have any dress pants that would button. I felt awful that I couldn’t dress up like everyone else. Of course, no one knew that and it wasn’t really a big deal to anyone but I like to dress up for nice occasions and I felt that was a nice occasion.

Another little back story about that outfit I’m wearing in the left photo…that shirt was a size 3 from Maurices plus size section. The jeans were Silver brand and a plus size 24. I remember ripping the rear end out of them when I was trying to climb in the back of Tim’s pickup later that year. He and I just laughed it off but that was the first and only time I had ever done that. I was dying inside that day.

Now on to the photo on the right…looking at this photo and reflecting on it, I just keep thinking about how small I am! Not just short, which obviously I am. (I’m 5’5” and my brothers are well over 6 foot!) I actually have a small figure and frame. I was just telling my mom last night on the phone that I have never realized how small I am compared to other people. Once I get down to my goal weight of 160 lbs, I have a feeling I’ll get made fun of for being small. That’s a laughable thought! Ha! Something to look forward to!

Here’s another clothes/goal related photo:


I posted this photo on facebook with this caption: A little over a year ago I set some goals. 1. To shop in the “regular” sizes at Maurices. 2. To wear skinny jeans. 3. To fit in and buy a pair of tall boots. This picture proves I smashed all of those goals! Watch and see what goals I achieve this year! The glass ceiling has been shattered!

I have never been one to like to go clothes shopping. Mostly because it was depressing and I wanted to eat away my feelings afterwards which never really helped anyway. But I had bought this outfit the other day and it was such a happy moment! The gal at Maurices asked if I wanted a fitting room to try on the green shirt. I didn’t really want to but it looked a little more form fitting than I was used to so I tried it. It was a size XL and it fit a little baggy! I was floored! I went ahead and got it because I knew it would probably shrink a little. Another observation I had at Maurices that day was that I must be at a really average size right now because I couldn’t hardly find a single cami in an XL. It was nuts! Every color was picked over.

Last random thought for the night and I swear I’m done rambling about meaningless observations. Lol! I wish I would’ve taken s before photo of my closet. My clothes used to only take up 1/4th of the closet because I didn’t have many that fit or looked nice one. I also didn’t have much color or patterns. It was all gray, black And white with an occasional red cardigan. Now look at it!


Over half the closet is my clothes and they’re all sorts of colors and patterns! There’s even some zebra! I have NEVER worn a zebra pattern!

I guess the point of this rambling is that I’m super lonely. It’s a Friday night and I can’t sleep. I just put a boat ton of laundry away and got to thinking about these things. I didn’t figure anyone would care so I blogged about it. In a few years I’ll be glad I did. That way when I’m a size 10 and a medium shirt, I can reflect on my past feelings. Goodnight all!