Preparing for the cleanse

by kristinwood

Tomorrow I am starting a 10 day herbal cleanse using Advocare products and suggested guidelines. Here’s a picture of day 1’s run down to give you an idea of what it consists of.


I already went grocery shopping last week and got ground turkey, tuna and chicken breasts for my main sources of protein. My vegetables will mostly be broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, greens and green beans (home canned from the garden). My complex carbs will mostly come from brown rice and oatmeal. My fruits on hand are frozen berries and strawberries, pineapple (canned in its own juice) and apples. I didn’t go crazy at the grocery store because I don’t like a lot of fruits and veggies and I didn’t want any of it to go to waste.

I have my box of the herbal cleanse in Peaches and Cream flavor and I have my Omegaplex vitamins and catalyst.

I also plan to exercise using my Can You 24 DVDs from Advocare and following their calendar. It uses a big ball and resistance bands and it is considered a level 2 workout. So it’s a little more challenging than the first set of DVDs.

I weighed this morning and measured my body and took before pictures. So I feel like I’m all set. I do have to share some feelings about weighing though.

The past month I decided to give up the scale til New Years. I felt like it was just controlling me every week. I would obsess over it and get anxiety hoping it wouldn’t show even the teensiest gain. All of this happened before I decided to do the cleanse. Anyway, I kind of shot myself in the foot by giving up the scale. I started a slow downward spiral into binge eating and occasional pop drinking and overall just poor choices. Along with my poor eating choices, I stopped exercising. I wanted to live and stop hyper focusing and micromanaging myself. I was stressing myself out about it all and I had just reached the end of my rope.

Truthfully I would like to say that I just trusted my gut and ate until I was full. I enjoyed an occasional pop and cookies. I can honestly say that I did not once binge in the evening when I was feeling emotional. I made a conscious effort to not binge. There was one particular night that all I could think about was chips. I just wanted to eat an entire bag. I’m proud to say that that night I made an apple with peanut butter. I didn’t eat a single chip. I tried to reflect on my feelings in that moment and busy myself with laundry or dishes. I didn’t go back to the old me.

All of this positivity wasn’t here yesterday. Yesterday I was beating myself up over all the bad things I had consumed and all the times I went to bed instead of exercising. What changed my outlook? The scale…this morning the scale showed this:


Yep. That is EXACTLY what I weighed 29 days ago. I didn’t gain an ounce! That was such a thrill to see that I did it. I maintained a healthyish weight while I didn’t let the scale consume me. Did I focus on losing weight those 29 days? Nope. I just lived and it turned out all right.

So after seeing that number today I was so refreshed and ready for this cleanse. I’m going to set a few goals over the next 10 day stretch.

1. Lose 2 lbs and finally get to ONEderland!

2. Stay on point and follow the guidelines to a T every single day during the cleanse.

3. Lose at least 1 inch from each of my chest, hips, waist and thigh.

4. Keep a thankfulness journal and write in it every day.

What’s my reward or treat for myself when I achieve these goals? I want to spend an entire day with Tim just driving around and seeing the fall foliage and just enjoying each other’s company. We both have needed a bonding day and I’m really looking forward to it!

There ya go! There’s my thoughts before I begin the cleanse. I’m ready to blow this thing out of the water!!!