Cleanse Day 2

by kristinwood

Today has been pretty great! I have followed the plan with no real hiccups. I didn’t eat lunch until later but I had a cavity filled at the dentist at 11 half my face was numb until 3 or so. But I did get a great lunch in. Here’s my pic:


I’m feeling hungry almost all day and I think I just need to eat more snacks. I’ve never been a very good snacker. I was always afraid of bingeing on something bad so I used to skip snack time a lot. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll do better!

Tmi time: I’m sure if you’re thinking about doing the cleanse you’re wondering if you’ll have diarrhea or whatever so I’m sharing my bm’s with you. I know…I know. It’s weird but it’s a very accurate way of documenting what to expect. Today I had a normal poop. There…that wasn’t too hard to discuss. lol!

Now to conquer tomorrow and skip right to day 4! That’s supposed to be the day you get tons of energy. šŸ˜‰