Cleanse Day 3

by kristinwood

I don’t have a lot to say tonight. I’ve been grumbly and grumpy. Partly because Aunt Flo will be here in a week or less and partly because I’m just hungry for crap I shouldn’t eat. Lol!

Tonight I was looking at my October calendar and I was getting so overwhelmed by all the things written on it. I immediately just wanted wavy ranch chips or tootsie rolls or pizza…anything that popped into my head, I wanted. It was awful!

Instead of bingeing though tonight and caving, I ate a handful of sweet potato chips and a handful of pistachios and drank a big thing of water. I was proud of my good choices. Honestly, I’ve made it this far in the cleanse…I don’t want to undo my progress.

Tomorrow I don’t have to drink the fiber drink. It mixes up a little. I just have to follow the regular guidelines but take probiotics instead of the fiber drink. Not too bad at all. A lot of people were leery of the fiber drink. I think it tastes good. It’s a sweet taste and I drink it all at once with a straw. No biggie.

Tmi moment: I just had a regular poop today. Still no diarrhea or anything scary. That’s been a pleasant experience.

Today I’m thankful for my sweet kids that are fighting some flu bug. I pray that they’ll be fever free tomorrow and can go to school Friday for the homecoming festivities.

That’s all for tonight. I’m excited for tomorrow’s supposed energy burst. I really need to edit and get my house clean. 🙂