Cleanse Day 5

by kristinwood

I want to give up. I’m ready to throw in the towel. This diet bores me. I haven’t exercised. I cheated and measured my waist and haven’t lost a single inch. Aunt Flo will be here the day after tomorrow and I’m all bloaty and moody and I just want to curl up and watch Netflix for days.

I went to the chiropractor today because my back and ribs hurt so bad I could hardly breathe. He said I was in bad shape. I had 3 ribs out, my back, neck and hip were all out too. It was awful be fantastic all at the same time when he popped and cracked me. I could immediately breathe and walk right. But now I’m sore. It’s been a long day and I probably should’ve come straight home and rested all day.

My diet was 2 for 3 today. I felt like 2 meals were great but one was not so great. I’ve been trying so hard. And even when everyone else is eating ice cream and having french fries, I’m just resisting it all. It’s miserable but I keep pushing through because I have faith in the results.

I’m a big fat Negative Nancy and I’m really not fun to be around. I just keep telling myself 5 more days. 5 more days until I’m done with this strict diet regimen. 5 more days until I can enjoy yogurt again. 5 more days until cheese and ohmygoodness…salad dressing. Real salad dressing! But most of all 5 more days til I can get back to real life. To the life that I’m used to and comfortable in. No more anxiety over planning and being caught off guard and being made fun of. I thought I was prepared for all of this but I’m not.

This blog is my personal sounding board. I hope that the whining that has been going on will not hinder anyone from trying the cleanse. The benefits far outweigh the whininess and complaining. Ask me in 5 days how I feel about the cleanse. 😉

Today I am thankful for purring kitties that have always brought me joy. Kitty snuggles are definitely at the top of my list of favorite things!