A quick update…

by kristinwood

This is me right now…


I’m Mrs. Wood, the substitute teacher in the FAACS room. (I’m on my planning perilous right now so no students for 45 minutes) Yesterday I subbed in the high school too. I guess my point is that if I’m not subbing, I’m editing. If I’m not editing I’m either shooting or trying to keep my housework up and still spend time with my family.

October has been a rough balance. Taxes are coming up. Christmas is coming up. My big final camera payment is coming up and I’m doing everything I can to make money to pay those things without going into debt. I say it every year but Christmas shouldn’t cause you to go into debt and I’m going to try VERY hard to make sure that doesn’t happen this year.

Balancing this new lifestyle of mine has always been a bit of a struggle but October just seems like it’s been the hardest yet. I find myself longing to be with my kids sometimes and I’ve never been sappy like that. I also spend my afternoons subbing wishing I had a candy bar or pop. I’m working on curbing those cravings too.

I know I need to get back into the exercise groove again and banish pop from my vocabulary. It’s just been the least of my worries lately. I have deadlines to meet and supper to fix. Throw in three bottle fed kittens and I’m spent by 9:00 pm most nights. I don’t know how people do it…oh wait. I do know…they make sacrifices just like I’m doing. They choose convenience foods and grab a candy bar to satisfy the afternoon brain drain shutoff.

I know I’m doing better because I’m consciously planning and trying to substitute the good for the bad. It’s just really trying sometimes. So right now I just ate a little Baggie of frosted shredded wheat and mixed up a Spark. I’m going to have salad for lunch because they have a pretty good salad bar here for $2.25 and you really can’t beat that.

I’ve decided that I will get back to exercising if it kills me. I’m already trying to plan for it into my daily routine this week. I may be trudging through my workout DVDs instead of running or hitting the fitness center but I’m still going. I’m still going to try. I’m not giving up. I just hadn’t made a plan yet. I’ll get there and I’ll fly again!!!

Only 39 more pounds to my ultimate goal! I remember last year writing down some of my goals and 105 lbs seemed so far away and so hard to achieve. But I’m down 66 and I’m not stopping. I may have slowed down for a bit but I haven’t given up. Never give up….