The sweet and salty saga and a little chat about boobs

by kristinwood

I’ve always had this terrible battle with sweet and salty. It just seems like I crave something sweet and then something salty and then something sweet and then something salty. And it almost always used to end with a huge binge fest and feelings of guilt and shame.

Today as I was standing at the fridge filling up my water bottle I decided that I was going to end that battle with sweet and salty. I decided that I needed to come up with a plan to win that battle. So here’s my plan…if the sweet/salty craving arises I will eat a fruit or vegetable to combat the craving. If that still doesn’t help then I’ll drink a big bottle of water.

I did a little research and learned that your brain tricks you into thinking you’re craving something when 90% of the time you are needing hydration. So really I’m probably just thirsty when that game begins. Have you ever noticed that water sometimes tastes different? That’s because you’re lacking a certain vitamin or mineral. I thought that was crazy interesting.

On to the boob thing…I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my boobs for the past decade. I’ve always been very blessed in that area but since losing the weight, they’ve kinda deflated. I’ve been terribly self conscious about them. I’ve tried a zillion different bras. I’m almost certain that I need a different size but those ladies at Lane Bryant just try to fit me into a 38D or DD and call it good. I know they generally don’t carry the weird sizes like H or G. But after measuring myself, I’m pretty sure that’s the size I need.

I’m going to order some new ones soon and I’ll do a review after I find some I like. Hopefully it won’t be a crazy struggle. I read someone else’s blog post that had lost 100 lbs and she was wearing the wrong size and style for her size and shape. After finding the right bra, she seriously looked like she’d lost another 25 lbs! It was crazy!

So here’s to winning battles and feeling good about the ladies again!!!