Legs for miiiiiles

by kristinwood

So I’ve always had this terrible relationship with my legs. I spent my childhood and adolescence hearing “look at those tree trunk legs!” “You’ve got huge calves just like your dad.” “Gotta have a good solid foundation. Har har har!”

I have heard those and many other degrading phrases in my head for the past 3 decades and today I said something different. I reached my legs to the ceiling to stretch and saw this:


Here’s the thoughts in my head today: “Dayum! Them legs is fiiine!” “Look at those muscles! They’re toned and beautiful!” “And such dainty feet and ankles.” “Those are too beautiful! Can’t wait to wear shorts and a swimsuit and show those babies off!”

Today was day one of positive self talk. May sound super cheesy but I had to tell myself positive and good things. I will continue to see myself in a positive light if I continue to choose to see myself that way.

Those legs are no longer a burden. They’re the strong and beautiful expanse of muscle, skin and bone that carries me where God leads me. They have carried me when I was big, small and anywhere in between. They’ve been wobbly and they’re now stronger than they’ve ever been. Today I’m embracing them!