A day of reflection 

by kristinwood

This morning I didn’t get up and workout. It caused some angry words and feelings between Tim and I because he says I always do this after about 3 days. He says I haven’t been sticking with anything longer than that and he had been right! 

It really got me thinking about the bigger picture. I lost my first 45 lbs within the first 8 months and it came off pretty easy. My last 20 lbs were the hardest and I tried everything from starving myself to working out 2-3 times a day. I realized that in those last 20 lbs I was so desperate to see a number quickly that I rushed it. I over did everything and what I did was completely unattainable long term. I am not a fitness freak. I do not get a thrill out of being a gym rat. I do not like to eat strictly vegetables day in and day out. 

So I realized (as I’m typing this with a heating pad on my back) that I cannot push myself to that point again. I am not desperate. I have plenty of time to get where I want to be. I hear all these phrases talking about consistency being key and to keep at it. And my own personal mantra is to never give up. And I fully intend to keep at it. I just need to realize that I’m 31 years old and NOT an athlete. I cannot push my body as hard as I think I can. The past two days I set a goal to row 5.3 miles on the rowing machine and I made it day 1 and day 2 got to 5.22 with a couple distractions. Could I do it? Absolutely. Should I do it? Um…I’m not feeling so good about it now, sitting here with an aching back and swollen ankle. 

So the moral of today’s post is that I need to keep being consistent and focus on exercising my heart and burning calories without hurting myself. Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. Life lessons with Kristin.