New year, same me

by kristinwood

*Warning! This post is full of sarcasm and tough love*
Yep. I said it. This year I will be the same me. Gasp! Did I really just say that?!? If you know me very well you know I despise doing something just because “everyone is doing it”. I literally hate to fall into marketing ploys and being forced to keep current with trends. That being said, yesterday and today my Facebook news feeds and Instagram feeds are full of this new year new me crap. It’s a big load of bull! I’m going to call every single person on it though come February when they’re whining around and not content with their “new me” that they didn’t properly prepare to become. What I mean to say is, if you’re going to become a new you for just a month or a day or even a single year, you should be prepared to tackle all of the challenges that come with it. I’ve compiled a quick list of things you’ll need to be prepared for.

1. You will NOT want to be this new you You will get so sick of this person you thought you wanted to become and you’ll probably give up. 

2. You will fail at least twice. You will relapse. You will binge eat on plain Lays potato chips. You will scarf 2 helpings of chocolate cake in the break room while everyone is working. You will skip your workouts for two+ weeks straight. Will you still feel like the new you after that? 

3. You will have to dig out your fat pants…again. So here’s the scenario, it’s March 15th and you had been bragging all over Facebook about losing 30 lbs a month ago and now you’re faced with tight, wiggling doesn’t do any good, I’m gonna die if I button these pants pants. So you cry, you beat yourself up and you dig your fat pants out and you cry some more. 

4. You will start to hate carrots and yogurt and almonds and lean chicken. The foods that you think are healthy and consume on a regular basis to get to your ideal size will become less and less appealing every single vicious crunch…

5. Lastly you will fall into your same old patterns over and over and you will start to hate yourself again. You will spend a few days beating yourself up about it and then you’ll rationalize that you are fine. That you like the way you look. You will convince yourself that you’re not that unhealthy. And you’ll become that same person you were the previous year on December 31st. 
Here’s my best advice to stop that ridiculous cycle…just stop doing it.  It’s plain and simple. Realize that you’re awesome just the way you are and that dieting and exercising and losing 30 lbs is NOT going to make you happy unless you CHOOSE to be happy. Because I can speak from experience…I have literally worked my ass off for the past 2 1/2 years and no matter how many lbs I lost, I just wasn’t happy. You know what made me happy? Choosing to step back, soak my life in and choosing to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. 

Here I am at 228 lbs wearing a size 18 comfortably and feeling the best of my life and I haven’t exercised in 3 weeks. Want to know my secret? I make a choice every single day. 

Choose to be healthy. Choose to eat 14 cupcakes. Choose to run a marathon. Choose to become a firefighter. Choose to go back to school. Choose to filter your Facebook feed. Just for Pete’s sake, do something. January 1st, 2016 isn’t going to save you only you can save you!  But you can make damn sure, if I see you running on the treadmill January 1st for the first time ever, I’m going to cheer you on because YOU are awesome and I want you to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.