Tonight I watched this video and it really hit me hard. I could have seriously wept while watching it because it’s a perfect metaphor for what’s been going on in my life. Have a look…

If for some reason you can’t view it, here’s a breakdown. At the beginning you see a beautiful gymnast nailing her flips and tumbles. As it goes on it talks about how many times she has fallen to achieve the perfection displayed in the first scene. It’s so brutal to watch her strong and beautiful body fall and be thrown down over and over again. It actually makes me wince in sympathy for her. 

You see the reason this metaphor is so touching to me is because I am that gymnast. I have nailed the flips. I have gracefully back handsprung in this weight loss journey. I have also flopped and flailed and ached and cried and been angry and thrown fits. And I’ve failed. I’ve failed miserably. And in that failure I have learned so many things. 

1. I will never be perfect. Although what you see on the outside may seem pretty darn perfect. I will never ever be perfect. 

2. I am pretty dang awesome. I am working on my third year of this HUGE lifestyle change and I am in better shape now at 31 than I ever was in my entire 20s. 

3. I never gave up. I kept practicing and perfecting and trying again. I will probably never get it right but I will get it right for me. 

4. There is always a fresh start to every day, week, month or year. You can start over again. 

5. My path is my own. No one will be there for me in the end but myself. I should not care one iota what others think of me or my demons or victories. This is my own journey. I’m going to keep on walking it.