So as I wrote this I am sitting on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico watching the waves (and jellyfish) come in. I’m on vacation with my family. But let’s be real honest for a minute I’ve been on vacation from myself for about a year. I haven’t really been trying like I should. I haven’t been exercising nor have I been eating well. I’ve been facing some really harsh realities too. 

1. I will have to fight for this my ENTIRE life. 

2. My metabolism is really not doing well and statistically, it will be bad my whole life now that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight at some point. 

3. I was really happy. I have not had a single manic, depressive or anxiety attack in years. It’s hard to want to fight for your life when your life actually feels pretty good for a change. 

4. My life has gotten extremely busy and I did not make diet and exercise a priority. 

5. Most of the people and blogs I follow online have had weight loss surgery OR are single without kids and super young. I  don’t really relate to them anymore. 
So before I even went on this real vacation I had decided to try again. I have set a goal to lose 20 lbs this summer and summer has begun. I will weigh in on Tuesday after Memorial Day and I will be accountable for my actions. 
Goodbye from Florida! Hope to write again when I’m back in MISSOURI!