Thirty two days

by kristinwood

So I didn’t share anything Monday on my actual “weigh day” for lots of reasons. Number 1, I didn’t feel like it. I had a day off and I was tired. I had heard some terrible sad tragic news from the day before that didn’t directly impact my life but it made me incredibly sad and I ate away my feelings that day. So I knew Mondays weigh in would be bad. Number 2, I really needed to process the weight gain. Yep you read that right. I gained 1.8 lbs. 

It’s ok though. Because I started my period today! That is exactly 32 days between cycles. And maybe it’s breakthrough bleeding, maybe it’s spotting or old blood or whatever. But I’m calling THAT a win folks! I’m pretty sure that 1.8 lbs is because of Aunt Flo getting ready to make her appearance and the pop and chips I had Sunday. 

So I’m not beating myself up. In fact a good friend of mine made the comment 

“I have been diagnosed with PCOS, too, and it’s such a downer. I think it helps to adopt a more holistic view of health. In this country, we are so quick to equate thinness and health, when that is not an accurate measure of health at all. At my smallest weight, my hair fell out and I didn’t have a period for 9 months. That’s not healthy. Instead of “What do I weigh?” being the main (or only) question I ask to evaluate my health, I have added some others to the list. How much energy do I have to do the things I love? Am I fueling my body well? Am I treating food like a reward or exercise like a punishment? How am I sleeping? How does my body respond to illness? How am I handling stress? All of those responses have way more to do with my health than the number on the scale. Good health involves so much more than being thin. Kudos to you for pursuing overall health and wholeness and for bringing others along on the journey!”

And yes I had to quote her because she is ABSOFREAKINGLOUTELY RIGHT! All of these things that we should be using to gauge our health are being forgotten because of our obsession with the scale. So I plan to weigh weekly to stay on track, I am NOT going to let that take control. I’m going to keep pushing forward for my health. I will continue to make good rating choices, take my supplements, and exercise often. 

Speaking of exercise, today I took a picture of myself in a pose that I struggled with for years to celebrate my accomplishments in yoga and I didn’t hate myself. I embraced and honored every single curve of my body. I valued the muscles that were prominent and sculpted and I celebrated the beautiful shape that I can contort my body into. Yoga is beautiful and I am grateful every single day for what it has taught me and helped me overcome. 

– namaste