Find your happy place

by kristinwood

This morning has been beautiful. My kids are still sleeping and I was able to wake up with sunshine flooding in and then take some much needed “me” time out on the patio. Here’s a visual in case you need it 

I love everything about this space in the morning. The shade from the sun, the puffy clouds, the kitties and doggies and even the tractor within view. I love being out here when there is a nice breeze and no where to be. 

As I was browsing Instagram I ran across this caption 

Wow. The part where she says she keeps PUTTING HERSELF in negative spaces just really spoke to me. How many times have we done that and didn’t even realize we were going there? I don’t know how many times I’ve been laying at the pool, soaking up the sun and my book and saw some attractive woman walk by in her bikini and put my mind in a negative space. Or the last time I was in the grocery store and felt bad for my purchases because I had put myself in a negative space. The worst one I do though to myself is when I allow myself to be present and engaged in conversations around me that are not positive. Therefore I am putting myself in that negative place again. 

A few months ago I realized that I was not going to pursue that “under 200 lb” goal that I had set for myself. I knew that that wasn’t what I wanted out of this life. Not necessarily the size but the lifestyle that I would have to choose to go alongside it. It wasn’t for me. I wasn’t willing to go low carb/no carb and work out twice a day to maintain my weight loss. I had chosen a different option and decided to accept whatever consequences came with that. When I did that, I chose to unfollow every single fitness related account on Instagram and Facebook that didn’t align with that thinking. I didn’t want to follow the ones that were bragging about protein shakes and decreasing pants sizes. I wanted to follow real women that were embracing their bodies for what they were and what they could do for them. These same women had beautiful light surrounding them and I was pulled to their pages. In making that choice to pull away from anything that wasn’t positive I allowed that light to fill myself. I took the power back and I chose to feel good about myself. I chose to do yoga as a way to center my mind and align my body. I used it as a tool to set myself up for happiness. 

So looking back I am so glad I removed myself from those negative spaces. There are still so many negative spaces that I need to work on but I feel that just being conscious and meditating on some of them is a start. There will be times that we cannot avoid them and they’ll always be there. But your headspace is only as positive or negative as you let it be. 

Today’s challenge for you is to find your happy place. Give yourself permission to stay there a while and soak it all in. You are absolutely worth it in this moment, at this time, regardless of your body size. 

I just love this Dr. Seuss quote. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”