New scale 

by kristinwood

So over the Christmas break, I saw an awesome coupon code for a scale that measures body fat, muscle mass etc and I decided to purchase it. 

I’m usually not a gimmick person and really felt like this was a great deal. I thought it would be a great addition to my studio too, for my clients to use. So I got it and immediately used it on New Year’s Eve. Of course it showed a terrible numbers. I’d just spent basically two weeks hybernating and eating carbs! Haha! But the weight part has showed the sane number I’ve been for about 2 months so really I felt like it was accurate. Joking aside. 

So in the past 11 days I’ve been working really hard to give up pop. That is probably my biggest drug of choice. And my next goal after that was to exercise more. So I’ll be working on that soon. So in the past few weeks I’ve done my best to wean down my Dr Pepper intake to get down to none. And I made it 5 whole days!!!! That’s great progress. But yesterday slipped up a little and I had two cans. But today’s a new day, I’m snowed in and I have none in the house. So we’re good. I totally set myself up for success there. Lol! 

So back to the scale thing, I have lost 4.6 lbs and 1% body fat! My muscle mass has stayed the same (which is great because we all know I’m ripped enough). So great news all around. But if you asked me how I felt about it, I’d tell you that i was still hesitant to trust it. I don’t know why I do that to myself though. Really, it’s great news and so exciting to be back in the losing game! And I’m really close to hitting my first weight loss goal. So I’m going to try really hard to stay upbeat and stop sabotaging my brain when these small victories come up. 
So here’s to my next goal! I want to be exercising more and getting in a bit of cardio too. I’m hoping to either create a note on my phone to keep track or making a chart to keep track of my progress. One of the ladies I follow on Instagram posts a selfie with a number each time she works out and she’s already on 8 for the year! So I’m gonna hop off here and get to it!